Need Help Protecting Your Property…or Your People?

If you want the peace of mind that comes from knowing your facilities and other valuable assets — as well as your employees, customers, visitors and and others — are safe and secure, then you should call BaronHR Security. We offer a wide range of sophisticated security services and employ some of the most experienced, highly trained and diligent security professionals you’ll find anywhere.

At BaronHR Security, our staff is skilled at protecting all kinds of properties and businesses — warehouses and manufacturing plants; banks, brokerage firms and insurance companies; retail businesses and event venues; even apartment buildings and gated communities. We can tightly control access to your facility on an around-the-clock basis, provide skilled roving patrols, monitor your alarm systems, and assign bodyguards to protect individuals and groups.

Recruiting the Best…and Evaluating Them Carefully

Clients keep coming back to us because they appreciate the efforts we go through to find and recruit top-notch security specialists and then provide them the training needed to continually hone their skills. Moreover, they realize we don’t just look for the most qualified security pros, but also those who demonstrate the highest levels of honesty, integrity and vigilance.

We extensively screen every candidate to verify possession of the requisite licenses and certificates, contact former employers to confirm work performance, and conduct criminal background checks and drug tests to help us evaluate their temperament and personal character. In addition, when appropriate we will go to great lengths to ensure the individuals we assign you are a good “fit” for your particular company.

Our goal is a “win-win” outcome for both you and guards we provide you. Everyone involved, employer and security professional alike, has to be completely satisfied. That’s the way we do business at BaronHR Security. We win when everyone wins.

If this sounds like the kind of solution you’re looking for to protect your people and your interests, give us a call. At BaronHR Security, we’re here to keep you and your business secure.

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