Frequently Asked Questions


Does BaronHR Security specialize in any particular industries?

Our guards and security professionals are qualified to protect a wide variety of businesses, facilities, venues and individuals.  We offer security for construction sites, office buildings, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, retail stores, government offices, event venues, apartment complexes and residential communities, among other assignments.


How do you find candidates?

We continuously seek out and recruit attractive job candidates, using a variety of strategies and tactics. For example, we regularly advertise on job boards such as Career Builder, Monster, Craigslist and others, as well as host special recruiting events and attend job fairs hosted by others. We also maintain regular contact with Guard Training schools to keep them aware of current job openings. Naturally, we receive a number of candidate referrals from current and former associates from the BaronHR Family of Staffing Companies.


How do you determine if a candidate is a good “fit” for a particular employer?

We understand that the best candidates not only can perform specific jobs consistently and effectively, but also have the strong moral character needed to serve as a security professional. We also make every effort to place individuals with the spirit and attitude compatible with their employers, co-workers and others with whom they come in contact.

 BaronHR Security also goes to great lengths to understand each job candidate’s individual personality and temperament in addition to his or her skills and experience. We consider a wide range of factors when matching candidates and employers.


Can I submit a request online?

Yes. You have a couple of options for notifying us of a potential staffing need. Your easiest option is to simply call us at (877) 908-8150. Alternatively, you can send us an email at


What are your fees? How do you charge?

For temporary employees, the most common option — designed to increase bill rate transparency and normalize pricing practices — is called a mark-up over pay rate pricing model. With this option the client either sets or provides guidance around employee-pay rates, and then asks us to provide the mark-up over pay rate that we’ll use to calculate the rate billed to the client.

 One problem with the mark-up over pay rate pricing option is that it fosters the mistaken belief that all agencies provide the same levels of service or will deliver the same quality of employee. Mark-up over pay rate pricing models can be less attractive to companies like BaronHR Security, which focuses heavily on providing truly top-notch employees and delivering superior client service. We can appear slightly more expensive than agencies offering the cheapest possible options. However, we’ve found that clients committed to protecting their property and their people are usually willing to pay a bit more to have the peace of mind knowing they are getting the best available talent.


How quickly can you respond to my request? What if I’m in an emergency?

BaronHR Security is utterly committed to providing superior client service, and we understand that sometimes requires helping clients with extremely urgent staffing needs. We will do everything we can to assist you — as quickly as possible, and without compromising quality. We’ll also respond to your needs whenever they arise, including nights, weekends and holidays.


What if I’m dissatisfied with a candidate?

We do everything we can to carefully screen and evaluate every candidate, including giving clients a chance to conduct pre-hire interviews themselves when necessary. However, on rare occasions either the client or employee expresses dissatisfaction with a particular situation. If that happens, please just call your BaronHR Security advisor, who will be happy to discuss the situation and find a replacement candidate, if necessary.


What do I do if I do not have a specific job description?

Please contact us so we can work with you to determine your precise requirements and help draft a job description for you. We have considerable experience in this area.


My needs are very short term. Can you assist me with short-term assignments?

We certainly can. BaronHR Security has placed individuals in temporary assignments ranging in length from a single day to several months long.