Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to pay anything to obtain a job through BaronHR Security?

There is no charge to apply for a job with BaronHR Security. It is the candidate’s responsibility to obtain and/or present a current guard card. If he does not have one, the costs associated with that will be at his or her own expense. All training costs are covered by BaronHR Security and/or the companies that hire us to find employee candidates.  

If you are interested in finding a job with BaronHR Security, please click here to complete an online application or contact BaronHR Security at or give us a call at (877) 908-8150. Our team will be pleased to hear from you!


Can I submit a resume or a general application, or do I need to apply for a particular position?

One option is to send us an email at After reviewing your application, we will contact you to arrange a meeting so we can become better acquainted and discuss jobs you might find interesting. You also can contact us at (877) 908-8150 to discuss your goals and ambitions and learn about opportunities with BaronHR Security.


What kinds of jobs do you have available?

We typically have jobs available in a wide variety of categories. . We are looking for people interested in facility protection, alarm monitoring, roving patrols and serving as bodyguards.  


Do you have any jobs near where I live?

We sure may! Please give us a call at (877) 908-8150 and we can discuss positions that match your qualifications and meet your personal needs.


What is the process for applying for a job with BaronHR Security?

The simplest way to learn about job and career opportunities at BaronHR Security is to give us a call or send us an email. 

 After reviewing your qualifications, we’ll invite you to visit our offices for a get-acquainted meeting.  We’ll ask a few questions to help us understand your interests, abilities, work ethic and personal character, as well as your career goals and job preferences. 

We care a lot about finding the right “fit” for job candidates and the companies that hire them.  We want to make sure you have the qualities a particular client is looking for, while also making sure the specific job meets your personal requirements.


How long does a job or job assignment last?

Our goal is for the assignment to last indefinitely. Naturally, as the needs of our clients change, so do the assignments. However, if that were the case, we would work to place you at another site location as quickly as possible.


When I get a job through BaronHR Security, am I officially an employee of BaronHR Security or the company where I report to work each day?

You will be an employee of BaronHR Security, and we will be responsible for all your federal and state taxes, worker’s compensation, unemployment claims and related items. You also will receive benefit from BaronHR Security, including: 

  • Paid Holidays
  • Health Insurance
  • Loyalty Bonus
  • Referral Bonus
  • Safety Incentive

Do you offer benefits such as health insurance?

Yes, to all employees working a minimum of (32) hours.


Does BaronHR Security offer job training or career advice?

We provide a significant amount of training and coaching to help you succeed in your current job and in future positions. We want you to be successful and will do everything we can to help you.


Is there someone at BaronHR Security I can contact if I have any questions?

Yes, please contact us at (877) 908-8150 or